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We provide the Track and Trace system for a product. You need to provide some inputs like NDC, Barcode e.t.c…, now you van view the pedigree report for the product information you have provided.

VRS is an interoperable solution used to manage the acceptance, formatting, and delivery of the verification requests and responses. In simple terms, the verification router service allows companies to verify products by scanning or entering in the four product identifier elements (GTIN, serial number, lot and expiry). Check out Demo for more info.

User has to register the company details will all the required information and then we will verify the user. Once verification is successfull, we will email you the login credentials to access the application. Check out the demo video below.

Users can upload the inventory and keep a track at the products. We provide file uploads in different customizable formats.

You can ship the products to the dealer/Wholesaler which includes ASN and Invoices.

Once the user send their shipment to other Dealer/Wholesaler, they receive the Advance shipment Notice(ASN) who confirms the purchase of the product.

User can enter the serial number of the product to check the pedigree report. We will be able to see who is the manufacturer and the entire distribution of the product.